Thursday, April 24, 2014

Glitterfied and Gina Waite

Good Thursday Morning...much better than this last Monday morning, that's for darn sure!  Why,  you may ask...well besides the fact that Monday morning's are the bane of my was the Monday after Easter!  I'll be the first to admit...I love spring and most especially the reason for the Easter season...but it's something about spring and all the spring color that makes the Martha-Stewart-wanna-be in me come out...and with that comes A LOT of creativity and  A LOT of mess...let me explain!  

My Mom was always a great example to me of being an involved parent!  I mean this gal would write skits for school plays, she would get down on her hands and knees to scrub the dance floor I practiced on AND she would throw the BEST class holiday parties!  Having had it so good...I have always wanted to be involved and do my best as a Mom...not only for the happiness of my children but to "Pay It Forward" to speak!   And that's where the GLITTER comes in....

My daughter, in her last year of elementary school (sniff...sniff) asked her Room Mom (ME) if I could boil enough eggs so that the entire class could decorate two eggs each!  That meant about 60 eggs...a seemingly simple request of eggs, dye and crayons!  Pretty simple....but my brain and simple don't dwell together!  My Steven Spielberg expectations took over and before I knew it...I had half of Martha Stewart's Michaels section packed in the trunk of my car to take to the sixth grade spring party...including the aforementioned GLITTER!  

Glitter in several shades and sizes...all sealed and easily transportable...that is...BEFORE the spring party!  The Sixth Grade Spring Party was a great success!   Complete with awards given at the end for: "The Most Eggs-cellent ________" accompanied with an academy award red carpet walk with paparazzi photographer (ME) for each of the designer eggs and their creators (you know...the sixth graders who were probably sick of me by the time we were done!)

In packing up my Creative Findings (otherwise known as crap) I did not realize that I had NOT sufficiently tightened the glitter lids...UNTIL I got home!  When, as the wind was blowing a typically-light-47-freakin-miles-an-hour, I opened the trunk of my car and SHAZAM!!!!!!!   Only Tinker Bell could appreciate the amount of shiny particles that swirled and gently graced the front of my body and face!  As the title of this post would indicate....GLITTERFIED!  

Every bottle of glitter had jiggled loose and spilled throughout the entirety of the trunk of my car!  Edward Cullen, handsome vampire of the famed Twilight book series, would have been envious of the prisms of light that reflected from the brilliance of my face and d├ęcolletage!   Heaven glitterfication process was a much superior effect than Edward's the the first Twilight film (BACK you Twi-hards know I'm right!)

One hour of vacuuming the trunk followed by a warm shower...and much less vampire-like...found me happy with my kids talking about the weekend of upcoming events.  This included, of course, the menu for Sunday's Easter dinner...and lest we forget....the dessert for said dinner.  My kids and I collectively decided that rather than a baked dessert...we wanted Easter chocolates...lots of different kinds of them!  

As I walked into the grocery store to get our Easter chocolate in my yoga pants, I felt confident that my recent HEALTH efforts would keep me in check and that I could resist all the different kinds of chocolatey-peanut butter goodness!  Sunday came and went....and by Eve of Sunday night, I was completely baffled that all the chocolate was gone and we were the title of this post suggested.... SUGARFACED (a state of chocolate SUGAR HIGH giddiness that irritates the normal person!)  That brings me to the chocolate-hangover Monday morning that started my rant in the first place...

NOTE TO SELF: In the future if you are wearing yoga pants into the store to buy chocolate...If the pants say YOGA but the BUTT says McDonald's...perhaps you should re-evaluate your WILL POWER...just maybe you should stick to the GLITTER isle at Michaels instead!!!  

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