Monday, April 21, 2014

One of a Mary Hazlett

You might hear that "no two snowflakes are alike".   This weekend was Easter.  Hopefully you all got to enjoy the festivities of the weekend.  My family likes to play outside, eat candy, and dye eggs.  Has anyone else noticed that the egg dying kits have become much more elaborate over the years and, of course, more expensive?  Going down the Easter goods aisle is not what it once was..... remember Paz... that is what it used to be and now you see tattoo kits, tie dye, glitter (which would be my sister's favorite), sports balls, volcano color eruption...I could go on, but won't.

When, I was young I loved dying the eggs.  In our kit of Paz, was the ever coveted egg wand that could lower and lift your egg perfectly into the dye, stickers, the shrink wrap thingies, and the amazing magic wax stick to draw shapes on your eggs with.  We used to fight over the special wax one was  bright enough to just pull out our endless box of crayons, but the highest honor was to have in your possession the egg wand.  The egg wand seemed to mesmerize all of us... who would want to use a plain spoon when you can have the wand...the little wire hexagon of magic.

Good thing that I have grown up some, because now I know the reality of that silly little wand and how it just makes us all work harder because if you don't angle it just right... SPLASH and CRACK the egg goes...So I just throw the dang thing away and give my kids spoons.   Not to mention, I now just get out the big box of crayons and allow the kids to go for it.

This year has been extra special though, because now that I live with my dad he gets to participate in our fun family traditions.  My parents never did miss an Easter to dye eggs though.  Even the last few years when children or grandchildren have not been in there home for this tradition, they persevered with the tradition and have dyed eggs on their own.  So, this year we were all giggling and enjoying the wide array of eggs that were being masterfully designed by all of us and my dad says, " I have never seen that before.  It is one of a kind".  I immediately thought how unique it was to hear my dad say that because I thought he had seen and done everything... however, I looked over at my two year old's creation and I believe that she created a very unique egg herself, just like a snowflake there is none of its like... take a look for yourself.  

Wouldn't you agree?  Good job darling are unique in so many ways!

Happy Monday to you all.  Hope that your day is unique and wonderful as my Easter was!!!

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