Monday, April 14, 2014

Homemade Mary Hazlett

Wow!  Medicine really has come a long way.  I was contemplating just the other day about this amazing world of medicine (probably because my kids have been sick and I am so very grateful for antibiotics).  Think back now to the good old days of using leeches to heal the sick, or blood letting, or epsom salts.  Remember on Big Fat Greek Wedding the dad that used Windex to solve every kind of disease or infection.  I instantly loved that show and related to it because I believe my mom thought the same thing about Windex.   I remember some mornings eating my cereal and watching my mom clean up the kitchen...spray wipe the microwave....spray wipe the stove...spray wipe the refrigerator...spray wipe the stain on her pajamas...spray wipe around my cereal bowl.  Sometimes she was so excited about cleaning that she would spray nearly right into my cereal bowl as I was consuming it.  Laugh all you want, but I know that was a secret she knew to keep us kids all healthy and going to school everyday.

It seems that we all kind of develop our own kind of remedies.  Ones that we feel work.  For me, growing up, any kind of scrape or scratch got iodine in my house.  I liked iodine even for canker sores until I dropped that bottle and stained the light carpet in the bathroom and that was the end of that. I now prefer Neosporin for nearly everything from an infected fingernail, a zit, or a scratch.

Even my darling son of only four years old is coming up with his own remedies...remember I said he was a sick guy....

"I had to quit my nose from dripping, so I stuffed some tissues up there!"  He said this with quite excitement.  I am just happy that he is so confident in himself that he thinks "Function" before "Fashion"....Good Job Benson!

Happy Monday Everyone!!