Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Let Go"...by Jim Terry

Well Happy Tuesday and Happy April Fools Day. Hope your day is full of fun, jokes and laughs...Just so you know, I had another birthday yesterday (unfortunately no April Fools there) and I want to thank ALL those that said “Hi” and “Happy Birthday”, wrote comments or sent me gifts!  It’s always so nice to have such amazing people in my life and ALL of you are loved and greatly appreciated!  So since I have been traveling and had limited time to write, I am going to keep this a bit shorter and to the point today with a simple thought.   

I was staying at my sister’s home while visiting friends and family this past weekend in Idaho.  While I was in her home, which truly is so warm and welcoming due to her ability to make it feel that way, I caught a glance of a handwritten note on her refrigerator.  It was handwriting that I had seen several times before in my life and could see it was a note written by my Mother.   

My sister, as we all do at times, has had some major challenges and some very hard decisions to make in the last couple of years.  As Mom’s always do, they offer advice, love and support in times of trials…My Mom was never any different, as she loved all of her kids.  On the note it said:

“Let Go—Let God.
The best revenge…SUCCESS!  

How ironic that such a simple statement can bring such a profound meaning in such a small amount of words.  How many of us could use this exact statement in our lives?  Just “LET GO” of those feelings and actions that are holding us back and be a “SUCCESS!” "Yes," sometimes that can be very hard but in the end it really is the only way to move forward and enjoy our lives..."Thanks again Mom for your advice, your love and of course your words of wisdom." 

Oh, one last note…for those of you who are close to me or may just be wondering how “OLD” I am…I turned 39 again this year for the 5th year in a row!  Maybe next year I will just "Let Go" of 39, but until then...☺