Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dog Days demonstrated ...

Marlene Terry
It's the time of the year when summer is winding up, it's hot and there are days that ...

Ever hear the phrase "Dog Days of Summer?" Ever wonder what that means?
No need to go to the Internet for a definition. I'll tell you how I recognize that time. 

One summer day my little grandson came to play! And after hours of fun in the sun, running, jumping, getting wet, laughing, squirting Nana with the squirt gun, riding the bike, the scooter and bounding across the lawn on a really fun blow up ball with a handle on the top (and that was just the FIRST hour), he suddenly stopped  dead in his tracks and plopped into the shade of our big backyard tree.
Thought he might be sick and asked him how he was feeling.

"I'm really tired Nana," he said.

What? He's tired? This is our "little tornado in a body" boy, who begins his day before the sun comes up with "no naps," he always says, and who pauses just long enough for breakfast, and lunch ... but only if chocolate ice cream is on the menu. 
However, no matter what alternatives I offered that day, nothing could overcome his resolve.

"I just want to play in the leaves," he commented as he laid on his back looking up through the tree limbs, dreaming. 

Hmm! Now I know. 
In the minds of children "Dog Days" happen when warm weather fun, done many times before, becomes a little blah and boring and memories of other season's activities spark the need to dream.

... And for my grandson at least ... even chocolate ice cream isn't enough to arouse his once plentiful enthusiasm ... as demonstrated at lunch that day in a very sweet way.

... Enjoy!

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