Wednesday, August 7, 2013

State of mind ...

Marlene Terry
I'm really thankful that for some, age really is as they say "just a state of mind." Gives me hope for what is shortly ahead for me.
And I'm not so gullible that I would ever believe that when someone in their 70s, 80s and older gets up in the morning, there isn't  a few (many) aches and pains to deal with. But some have just learned to work through it and move on.

Jack in his late 70s is still a working electrician, very capable and intelligent and living life as fully as possible.
Absolutely love the fact that he shares fishing trips on his new "really beautiful" boat, my hubby says, with family members and friends, and always schedules those trips so he doesn't compromise his work load and his responsibilities to those clients.

Since I've known her, Sybil 99, has always been proficient at playing the piano by ear. Not the classical piano you might think of but the rinky-tink, olden days style which not only requires nimble fingers, but the ability to bounce and sway on the stool to the beat of each tune.
An extra treat happens when Sybil adds the lyrics to one of those favorite songs. Sometimes the words are just hers. But they're always delivered with a twinkle in her eye and an ear-to-ear smile.

I bet there's hardly anyone who would choose being 80-something as the best time in their life. But when it comes ... and it will for all of us ... it would be good to follow the example of those previously mentioned along with the example of Willis.
A contributor for sure, he spends his days gardening, riding his bike, walking his dog and sharing his expertise on genealogy as he searches for others (without charge) in order to find their family roots.
... I also know that when the opportunity comes along for him to revisit activities of what many may  think more likely of someone much younger, he does it without hesitation. ... Whether that be riding the BIG rides at a theme park with his grandkids, coming across the finish line as the oldest participant of a bike event that provides adaptable bikes for disabled children, or just taking the time to feel the wind in his hair as he rides into the sunset," so to speak.

... And all I can say to that is: " Ride 'em Cowboy!"

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