Friday, August 9, 2013

Someday I'd like to ...

Marlene Terry
Up recently at 4:30 a.m. in order to head out "at 5:30 sharp," on a very special, secret trip provided by Jim our oldest son.
No clues at all except my hubby and I were to bring camera and wear jackets.

Knowing Jim and his very adventurous spirit, it was a restless night as I pondered what could be ahead. ... I mean, the last time we left early in the morning on a secret trip (on Mother's Day) with cameras and jackets and not knowing where we were going as per Jim's instructions, we ended up on a road trip to have breakfast at the Pancake House in McCall, Idaho. ... And did I mention we made the journey in a bright red Mustang convertible ... with the top down ... all the way?

In between my sleeping hours I wondered how I could keep my hair looking reasonably human if we were to do that again. You can believe me when I say that despite all those old Doris Day movies where she was pictured beautiful and unruffled while speeding down the highway in a convertible, scarves, hats and/or trying to hold my hair-do in place with my hands during our McCall trip failed miserably. I arrived at the restaurant looking like I'd placed my finger in a electric socket.So with those thoughts in my mind I prepared for another windy ride. 

That's why on this particular morning I was more than a little surprised to see no convertible at all sitting in the driveway. And after we'd driven around for a half hour in every direction I'd become resigned to the fact that a return trip to McCall was just not in the cards.
That's when Jim stopped his car and with that big smile of his and a twinkle in his eye, told us he'd forgotten where he was going and we'd have to backtrack.

Just want to stop here and tell you that almost every single experience I've had in my life, those that have scared me to death, thrilled me beyond words and made me want to shout to the world, "HEY LOOK AT ME. I DID IT," and most of all, those that I remember with laughter and affection and brag about, have been because one or at times, all of our kids made them happen.
All I have to say is "You know, someday I'd like to ... ..."and it's a given. Without a doubt, and if it's possible at all, sooner or later I'll have the opportunity.

That's why on this day I found myself high above the beautiful Treasure Valley, floating quietly and uninhibited among birds and breezes in the basket of a gorgeous hot air balloon.
Couldn't help but think about the Wizard of Oz and how he floated away, hitching a ride on a tornado and ended up in a magical land where he took on the role of caretaker ... making EVERYONE'S DREAMS come true.

This time though, the wizard was in his car below us, following along as WE drifted peacefully in OUR dreams ... every now and then pulling over to the side of the road to snap a photo, wave and laugh!
... Thanks Jim. You're the best!

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