Thursday, August 22, 2013

Signs are everywhere ...

Marlene Terry
It’s in the air. Although it makes no sense at all, what with the hot temperatures of the past several weeks. 
All evidence to the contrary though, there are signs everywhere that fall is approaching ... and fast.

Saw a school bus zoom by the other day and stop on the corner near my house. It filled up quickly with kids from the nearby parked cars, several of them casting a final, mournful glance back at where they came from. That event was soon followed by a caravan of cars driven by who I assume were the moms of those kids, all with ear-to-ear smiles and headed toward town.

The youngest of the bunch were included in the few who made U-turns right there in the street and headed back to their homes while fighting back the tears. … And I completely understood.
After all it doesn’t seem that long ago, that I myself sobbed uncontrollably  when one by one, each of my children reached the right age and had to go to school too.

Back then it was only a half day of kindergarten. But their absence never failed to leave a hole in my heart the size of Texas.

In addition to the kids heading back to school, this is also the time of the year  when you notice neighborhood parks are empty all day. Later, they fill up with pint-sized football players who, eagerly learning the skills of that tough game, practice hard in order to be confident before their first grid-kid confrontation.

Harvested fields, which are much more abundant now, are also harbingers of the upcoming season and sport an especially beautiful shade of gold.
In fact they're absolutely breathtaking in the light of a setting sun, that by the way, is retiring below the horizon much earlier than before.
It's also very, very quiet. ... No sounds at all of tractors or any other equipment preparing the soil for another planting … It's apparent. ... The time has come to rest!

Of course Labor Day is still ahead ... Really wouldn't want to rush it either, as it is summer's last hurrah!
But when that's over, and the leaves begin to change color and fall from the trees, then mark my word. It's time to abandon carefree warm days of the recent past and embrace the fresh, invigorating and chilly days that are on the way and I promise ... will be here soon.
... As I said. The signs are everywhere.

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