Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elephant Ears ...

Marlene Terry
When I lived in eastern Idaho I always looked forward to this time of the year. Made me happy that the weather was beginning to cool at last, but it also meant the Fair was about to come to town.

I really have never been one to adore crowds. Don't get me wrong. I'm no recluse. I love doing things with friends and family. ... Just not a million friends and family at one time.
The little fairgrounds at Blackfoot, home to the Eastern Idaho State Fair, were always jammed packed. Not just packed ... overflowing. And during my first visit, in the afternoon on the busiest day, my inability to EVEN move a step or two at times, had me thinking, that in spite of the fun, there were better places to be.

Then what kept me attending?
I loved the displays of course, carnival rides, photos in booths where you sit with a friend and make faces that you laugh about for years, and the machines that for a few dollars can analyze your handwritten signature and accurately pinpoint what type of personality you are.
What I looked forward to the most however was the 'Fair Food,' not to be mistaken for food that is just fair, but food that no matter how you try, you can't find or duplicate it exactly, anywhere else.

During that first year at the Fair there were of course the normal choices such as funnel cakes, fried ice cream, corn dogs, and cotton candy. But what became my personal favorite? ... Elephant Ears!
Might be called by a different name other places, but at the Blackfoot Fair it's a GIANT scone. Really! About the size of a dinner plate, that's fried to a golden brown and covered with a sugar/cinnamon mixture.
... And did I mention that you're also given about a cup of honey butter for topping purposes? 
That means if any part of that wonderful pastry is missed with the sugar you can compensate on your own.
The most amazing fact for me was that getting an Elephant Ear was worth everything I had to endure ... the heat, pushing and shoving, standing in line a half hour or more and even eating it while I was shuffled along with the crowd, that despite my resistance took me with them anyway.  

Needless to say, this year and against my better judgment, I'll be there again, not in Blackfoot, but right here in the Treasure Valley when the Western Idaho Fair opens (Aug. 16-25) ... ... maybe even every day if necessary.

... And why?

I've found that Elephant Ears aren't indigenous to just EASTERN Idaho. They're here too!
... See you at the Fair. 

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