Friday, May 2, 2014 Mary Hazlett

Recently my brother has introduced me to the "new" definition of the word BOOM!  I used to think that it only meant a loud sound, like the one you here with a firework or a bomb.  Well, it is not just that anymore.  It means DONE.  I kind of like the new word.  It gives personality and energy to the completion of a project.   Laundry....BOOM!  Dishes...BOOM!  Dinner...BOOM!   I also feel a little bit better about myself too.  

The first time I used it out loud was this week.  I looked at my son when I finished putting away my laundry and said, "BOOM"!  Of course he looked at me with a wide-eyed deer look and was wondering what was going on in my head.  So, now everyday little things are even getting the "BOOM"- like getting my hair in a ponytail, getting dressed, dressing the kids, filling up the car with name it I "BOOMED" it.  (Yes, even going to the bathroom got "BOOMED" this week!)

We even got a photo with our whole family in it this week---BOOM!

Needless to say, my week has been much more fun and really quite fulfilling.  I feel like I have accomplished a bunch and with this momentum, who knows what I could do.  Even, my grocery list looked like this:

1. milk- BOOM
2. icecream- BOOM
3. toilet paper- BOOM, BOOM

You get the picture!  So make this your "BOOM" weekend.  It will make you feel like a million bucks!  Seriously!  Try it!  

And last on my To Do List for today: Blog-  BOOM!!!!!

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