Monday, May 5, 2014 Mary Hazlett

I am not sure how many of you wonderful people have ever gone to camp before, but it is that time of year again.  This is when the kids can hardly wait to get out of school and parents are looking for a place to employ their children's energies in for the summer.  

I went to camp a few times as a kid.  My very first experience was almost for a week...well, it was planned for a week and then inevitably I was ready to go home a day early when the parents came up to visit on parent night.  I remember the leaders trying convince me of the good it would do for me to stay...on the day my mom came to visit, my sleeping bag was already rolled up with my bags packed and needless to say... I went home with her that night.  Sure it was a fun camp, but really how can you beat seven brothers and sisters at home that adore you and think that you are cute?

My Brother Richard and I, learning how to "rough it".
Since that camp I have had success with four other girl's camp sponsored by my church.  I think that it helped a lot that my very best friend of all, Sharla, was to be my tent mate and buddy.  We had so much fun, her and I.  We did skits with the main charters Hanszet and  Franszet, like Hans and Frans from Saturday Night Live.  We told stories together, cleaned the potties together, hiked together, killed bugs on each other's sleeping bags, crafted together, and talked about the leaders together. 
We both agreed that the Camp Directors were slightly bland, a tid-bit granola, and maybe lacking some in their hygiene.  

Well, as one might see a bolt of lightening hitting them...this summer I am just that Camp Director.  SHOCKER!!!  So, after much introspection I have decided that I do fit the role of Camp Director. Please say you are laughing now, because at least one of us thinks this is funny.  I have been noticing lately that I do not laugh near enough, so that is the bland part.  I spent the entire last 3 days barefoot and digging in the dirt, this is the granola part.  At the end of one of those dirt days, I was showering and noticed that dirt was not coming off my legs and so I started to scrub harder only to discover that was not was an AMAZON forest of hair growing on my legs.  Really, I have not shaved my legs in a month?  Sooooooo, sad the realization I made!  I am the perfect Camp Director!  

Suit up girls!!!!  You are in for one heck of a fun Camp Director this year!  Happy Monday!!

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