Thursday, May 1, 2014

Heaven is for Angie Terry

I had the opportunity, this past weekend, to go to the movies.  I chose to watch "Heaven Is For Real." With the loss of my mother and grandmother these past few sparked my interest! I loved this movie so much and, for me personally, it validated many of my own beliefs. For those of you who do not know about this movie I will give you a brief run down. 

It is the true story of a little boy 4 years old that ended up in the hospital due to a burst appendix!  The site got infected so badly that he almost died. While he was in surgery...he had a near death experience. He claims to have seen Jesus and family members that had passed on and tells his parents things he could have not known unless..."Heaven was for real" and he had actually experienced being there himself.

Since watching, I have not been able to get some of the statements from the movie, out of my mind!  One of those statements was said by the mother, to the father, of the little boy whose appendix burts.  In contemplating the near-death experience of her son...she recognizes her husband's obsession with all things afterlife.  It's at this point, the mother looks at her husband and says, “why are you so obsessed about the next life...what about this life?"

That got me thinking....what about this life? We are here NOW and there is a reason for that. Which leads me to the other statement from the movie, "Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven."   I've thought about this profound statement for some time!  I realized Heaven can be here on earth. I was amazed at the thoughts that went through my are just a few of the examples of Heaven here on earth that I thought of….

1. When the doctor says "it’s a girl" or "it's a boy!"
2. That first kiss with the new love of your life!
3. The flowers of many colors that bloom year after year!
4. The police officer that bought shoes for the homeless man with bare feet!
5. The hugs and tears from family and friends in hard times!
6. The "I love you mom"  (or dad)  from your little child!
7. The cold ice water after a long day of yard work!

.......I think you get the idea of some of the things that ARE Heaven here on earth.  I suppose sometimes, we just have to be reminded of those so that we will continue to look for them. 

I ran across a web site and this is the message from the founder of it. His name is John E. Wade. This is his quote:
              “We are the beginning of the beginning. My calling, not to dwell on what was or is, but rather what can be….heaven on earth. This ultimate march will require humankind to acquire wisdom and overcome what I call 'internalized stigma.'   To do this we must be kind to ourselves and others.  I believe God's enduring, steadfast love will guide us toward that destiny which we all seek, including the following ten elements of heaven on earth:"
1. Peace and Security
2. Freedom
3. Democracies
4. Prosperity
5. Gender Harmony
6. Spiritual Harmony
7. Racial Harmony
8. Ecological Harmony
9. Health
10. Moral purpose and Meaning

This truly would be Heaven on Earth!!!!!   I have often thought...if the world could follow just one of the Ten Commandments...the result would be so amazing!  Just think if people did not steal. You could leave your keys in your car, and in locks needed for anything!  You could leave your purse and it would be there waiting for you untouched. There would be no robbery of banks, no shop lifting, businesses would no longer be in need of an alarm!  No home invasion and pick pocketing!  No security cameras!  ...In all honesty,  I could go on and on! 

My final thoughts about this Nutshell and what I want you, the readers, to get from it....No matter what your beliefs are,  that "Heaven is Real" and it exists here...on Earth! 

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