Thursday, May 22, 2014

Grateful for Gina Waite

You know those moments when you witness an act of kindness so wonderful that all the hair stands up on your arms and you have to swallow hard to hold back the tears.  Well it happens to me the first time I watched this video about giving:

Kindness...the ability to be friendly, generous, considerate, gentle and loving toward others is one of the most important qualities a person can posses.  Recognizing the needs and feelings of others before the concerns you have for yourself is a gift.  One of the many gifts my eleven-year-old nephew, Gabe, possesses!  Gabe, son of Richard and brother to the darling Andrew that my Mom once wrote about, is one of the most kind young men I have ever known! 

Recently, while Gabe's parents were out of town, I was able to watch Gabe and Andrew  for an over night stay.  Much to my delight, they enjoyed having me at their house with them almost as much as I enjoyed being with them!  Two cute, sweet boys that my Dad lovingly refers to as the "fluffy bears"...I'll  have to save the explanation of their nickname for another Nutshell!  Gabe, being the oldest of Richard's two boys, is a stereotypical first born who takes his role very seriously.  While his Mother Iolanda was away, Gabe made sure that he checked off all the instructions she gave him...paying attention to  EVERY detail she asked of him ...most especially the care and well-being of Andrew...let me explain...  

After getting Andrew on the bus, while walking Gabe to his own bus stop the morning after our fun sleepover, Gabe and I discussed the afternoon scheduling.  I related to him that on that particular day of craziness, it was very likely that he would be dropped off at home by the bus before my daughter and I would be there to spend time with him.  After my explanation and in perfect first born fashion, Gabe's biggest concern was who would be waiting for Andrew when he got off the bus.  As Andrew's bus drop off time normally exceeds by an hour Gabe's drop off time, I reassured my sweet nephew that I would be there long before Andrew got home!    "No need to worry Gabe, and please don't wait for Andrew's suppose to rain and I'll be here long before you'll need to do that...have a good day at school!"  

As I picked up my daughter from school that day, we quickly made way to Richard and Iolanda's house.  As predicted, it was raining which made my arrival time even later than I had anticipated.  Within a mile from our destination, I looked at my daughter and said, "how much would you bet me that Gabe is standing out in the rain, waiting for Andrew to get off the bus?"  She looked at me and said, "of course he's waiting for Andrew, Mom...Gabe's always kind like that!"  As we neared the house and rounded the corner, there stood my nephew Gabe!  Smiling, waiting patiently in the storm, Gabe's concern for his own comfort was far outweighed by the concern he had for his younger brother!  My eyes filled with tears at the sight of example of kindness, I will never forget!

I'm happy to say that I've witnessed all types of acts of kindness...some as monetary as the begger-turned-doctor in the video I shared...others as simple as a brother, who waited patiently in the rain to comfort his younger sibling!  Kindness has an overwhelming effect and truly, has no limits!  Just as Aesop said, "no act of kindness, no matter how small, was ever wasted!" 

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