Friday, May 16, 2014

Plumbing would be easier if Lego made the parts... by Ben Hazlett

Have you ever thought that home repairs would be easier if parts were made by Lego.  They always fit together, they make everything from Star Wars Legos and Harry Potter Legos to castles and whole cities.  I'm sure they could make plumbing Legos!

A couple of days ago we got a phone call that our renters had noticed a small leak in the sprayer in the kitchen.  Mary and I went and looked at it and turns out it just needed a new o ring and a washer.  Problem solved... or so we thought.

While there we found a large crack in the housing of the garbage disposal from which water was also leaking. No problem, I have changed out disposals before, so after a quick trip to Home Depot, I thought the problem would be over.  So Saturday morning, we started in on it.  Four hours and 4 trips to Home Depot later I finished.

See, although the new disposal was the exact same brand as the first, the pipes didn't fit it.  So I had to get new pipes.  Then the basket strainer on the other sink fell out because it was rusted and warped.  So back to Home Depot to get more parts.  Finally worked perfectly!

Of course the next day our renters told us the dishwasher wouldn't empty. Turns out that I forgot that new disposals come with a plug in the dishwasher inlet.  After cleaning the dishwasher, changing the hose, and cleaning the filters, I finally Googled the problem and knocked out the stupid plug.

Lego never would have put in a stupid plug.

On a completely unrelated note, this is a video that can't help but make you smile.  Make sure to give someone a corn dog!