Thursday, May 15, 2014 Gina Waite

I was completely entertained the other day while watching a YouTube video of an ant colony, working together to transport a breadcrumb from where they found it, back to where they wanted to share it!  Ants are determined...knowing the odds may be against them in size individually, they work together as a team to improve their situation and the end result...they can literally move "mountains!"   It is truly amazing to witness the result of sheer determination...I can honestly say that I've witnessed it in my own little "Waite" family!

Having been born of a strong, healthy "Terry" family who's never been concerned about "wasting away," I think between all of us we may own the collective library of every fat-loss/muscle-building book there is known to man!  I've always teased with my husband that my side of the gene pool is representative of the "survival of the fittest" genes...we could maintain weight on a piece bread a day!  ...And I'm pretty sure my ancestors were pretty grateful they could survive on so little and still function!  Gratefully, we live in a time and place where there is Food O'plenty and so it takes a little planning and determination to keep our weight at an optimal number!  This has always been a great source of concern for me but never so much as when I noticed, looking into the face of my beautiful baby boy, that he had been gifted so many of my strong, healthy "Terry" family genes!

The first of many "weighty" situations was the initial weigh-ins for Grid Kid Football.  At the elementary level, Grid Kid Football groups boys into age range and a second consideration, weight.  (For one wants to watch a 180 pound linebacker mow down an 80 pound wide receiver...even if they are the same age, you want the experience to be fair and SAFE for everyone playing!)  I was always glad that they took Jordan's size into consideration but was ALWAYS concerned for him that he may not be able to play football with the boys, and friends, his age!  The height of my concern was realized Jordan's 7th grade year when a concerned coach pulled me aside and mentioned that if Jordan didn't get 18 pounds off by the start of the regular season, he would have to opt to play up in the older age range OR not play at all until his weight was within the 7th grade limit.  ...And as many of you may already know...even if he chose to wait until his weight was within the 7th grade range...without the ability to play in a game and vie for his position...he may not be able to play much at all throughout the year.

Determined and ready to do what he needed to do in order to play with his friends and team...Jordan hit the treadmill, AND sprinted the streets in our neighborhood, AND hit the weight room AND did whatever he could to move his body and keep it burning at an optimal level so that he could play with his TEAM!  Pizza was not an option and my son turned down every dessert he was offered...he was DETERMINED!  Two weeks later...weigh-in day...seemed like it lasted a century.  As a mother, I sat unflinching and focused on the happenings at the weigh-in checkpoint.  

My son, last in line, stood there ready to hear his fate!  As I saw him step up onto the scale, my heart literally felt like it would pound out of my chest!  Jordan, stepping off the scale, started removing helmet, pads, then shoes and with the last step up on the scale...his coach reached over and patted him hard on the back!  No outburst of JOY, no screams of son...with as much restraint as he could muster, turned around to me and gave me a "thumbs up!"  As you may surmise...this partially arthritic Mom, cleared the bleachers and stairs where I was seated in Olympic time only to bolt to my baby boy in delight!  Jordan hugged me and said, "couldn't have done this without you Mom!"  Best words these ears have EVER heard!!!!!

The result of his determination had secured him a position on a team he desperately wanted to play on and the experience is one I will draw from, for the rest of my life.  Watching my son continue to condition his body, and mind, to function at it's optimal level reminds me of a anonymous quote I read sometime ago, "Some people succeed because they are destined, but MOST because they are DETERMINED!"  That's right son...go out there and fight the good fight...stay determined in all you want for yourself!  I know this teammate can't wait to see what you do with this world!

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