Friday, November 15, 2013

A nice way to do business ...

Marlene Terry
We're coming up on Thanksgiving pretty fast. And I'm sure most of us have begun to prepare in earnest for that once-a-year day when we will not only eat more than we should, but also pause to reflect on and be grateful for what and who makes our lives better.

Thought about that just the other day when I gave out a business card for a very competent sewing machine repairman and all around nice guy, Vern Johnson of Johnson's Sewing Center, 515 Caldwell Blvd. in Nampa. (208 467-3408;

Never met Mr. Johnson face to face, but as they say his reputation precedes him."

"He met me at a place near where I work and picked up my sewing machine for repair," one of his satisfied customers told me. "I didn't have a way to get out to his shop. So he went the extra mile in every way for me."

Just have to say that I've loved seeing all the posts on Facebook the past few weeks about what people are most thankful for. And I just wanted to add my gratitude for those who, like Mr. Johnson, go against the norm of the "dog eat dog" business world we're all familiar with and seem to look for ways to be fair and really ... just to do good.

It's also been my pleasure to be acquainted with another businessman whose deep concern for those he serves, shines out in front of the product HE offers.

Jesse Aldous of the Audibel Hearing Center, 4121 S. State St., in Boise (208 297-5770;  is an extraordinary young man, who sincerely believes we should all do everything we can to make life better for those we meet.

Way back in 2001, sweet lady June, was the recipient of a set of hearing aids gifted to her from the Starkey Foundation (parent company of Audibel).

"It was the answer to my prayers," she said. "Over the next 11 years I received routine maintenance and minor repairs to my hearing aids at a minimal cost. It kept me audibly connected to my world, and particularly, enjoying family gatherings and Bible study classes."

After June's hearing aids wore out, she met Jesse and his team at Audibel, and was able to purchase a new set of hearing aids at a reasonable cost. 
... But she was most pleased when she found out that a portion of all funds earned, goes to the Starkey Foundation in order that others who don't have the ability to pay can receive hearing aids at no cost.

"It is my personal mission not to refuse service to any patient because of the lack of an ability to pay," Jesse told me recently.
 "We have multiple programs and payment plans. But if the patient cannot afford the payments, the Starkey foundation will always help." 

... A very nice way to do business ... if I do say so myself!

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