Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Excuse me Mom...


So I must admit something to my Mother’s wonderful readers out there. With the passing of my Mother this past week and getting caught up in the joy, the laughter and the tears of celebrating her life, I forgot to post her blog from yesterday also on her Facebook page.  See with a webpage like this you can "schedule" your blogs and they will automatically post for you. That was my Mom...Always organized and a step ahead of everyone.

I find it appropriate with my Mom’s wit and humor that somehow she knew her son would forget to post on Facebook because she knew my heart would miss her so much and entitled yesterday's blog “EXCUSE ME”.  So to those who enjoy my Mother’s blog and to my wonderful Mom, I will simply say, “Excuse me”. I LOVE YOU MOM…JIMBAY (my nickname that my Mom always called me)

****More posts to come starting again tomorrow so that we can have both her sites in sync with each other.  

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