Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My cup runneth over...

November... the month of gratitude and gearing up for the Christmas season.  Just fitting that my mother would pass in such a month that we all turn our hearts to one another and reflect on the wonderful blessing it is to be surrounded by love.

Throughout my years of growing up, I have tried desperately to repay my mother for all the things she has given me.  Like the time I wanted to clean the entire house before Mom got home from work and to much chagrin I arrived and the carpet cleaners were just finishing up and guess what?... you got it...the house was already perfect. There have been countless times that similar kind of situations occurred.

So, with continued determination to give Mom back some of the service she has given me, with the news of her passing I was inspired to be her transport from Meridian, Idaho to the burial site in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  As seen in Marlene's earlier blogs, she loved my red van.  Yes, I am the one that gave up the sporty black car for the more convenient (with extra storage) red van to take my husband, two darling children, and two thousand pounds of children stuff with us where ever we should need to go.

FINALLY,  driving my mother to Idaho Falls, I could give to her without her giving back to me... or so I thought.  Just when I thought that I was getting ahead; here is what transpired this last week...
  •    Gas prices dropped to a low that I have not seen in YEARS. (Marlene never never never wanted to put people out...especially when it comes to money.)
  •    A "SANTA" present that I ordered online for my 4-year old son, showed up on my door step the day after my son went with my mother-in-law for a sleepover, so I could help with funeral plans.  (Just a little info:  My son is worse than a dog with the mail and UPS delivering services...He just KNOWS when they are at the door!)
  •    The weather forecast for this last weekend said not just Sunny, but BRILLIANT sun!  (And it was... it was!)
  •   Our trip ran flawless with kids, family, and all!
  •   I got to hug, give thanks, cry, and reminisce with some of my mother's favorite people in life and learn even more about her.
  •   I have received emails from my mother's readers telling me how important she was in the lives and how much she will be missed. 
  •   My little 18 month old daughter has been walking around the house with my mom's picture kissing and hugging it and saying, "Nana" letting me know that my wonderful mother will be remembered by even the very youngest in the family.

Now that some of the quiet has returned,  I lay in bed thinking of all that has transpired and what a wonderful mother I had and all that I can say is " cup runneth over".

Thank you to all you who hugged, called, emailed, kissed, and prayed for me and the family.  Thank you Mom for showing me how to give.  And most importantly... Thank you God for a wonderful Mother!   LOVE..."Mares".

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