Friday, November 29, 2013

Purple Rain...

 This is Angie I am the oldest child of Marlene’s. I was getting ready for work the other day, which includes a wonderful warm shower, and then I go to my newly remodeled Boutique that use to be my daughter’s room. It includes a beautiful vanity and a zebra print high heel chair that I sit on to apply my makeup. I also turn on my Pandora radio, which by the way is amazing and then I chose the Prince station.  Of course it would be one of my choices, because if you know me, there is no doubt I ALWAYS have a Hollywood or singer obsession in my life at all times.

This led me to think about my childhood and my first obsession. It was Jimmy on H.R.  Pufnstuf. For those who do not know about this, he was a boy who had a magical flute and was taken to a island on a boat with Barney like creatures and also had a wicked Witchy Poo. He was a cute dark headed English accented boy that could sing so good, which I do believe lead me to my next huge obsession…DAVY JONES.

Davy Jones was totally “groovy” and to this day I am still so jealous of Marsha Brady because he was on her TV show “The Brady Bunch” at least 2 times that I can remember. I still, in my heart, want that poncho she wore into the recording studio to see Davy that day.  She was so beautiful and there are no words to describe how I felt seeing Davy sing.  I must also admit that I am the biggest fan of YouTube because anytime I have Davy withdrawals I can simple look him up and gasp, swoon and still giggle at how he made me feel when I was young.

Many obsessions came and went in my growing up years and the biggest one yet happened a few years ago. While watching American idol, I totally went crazy for Adam Lambert. I have always been an Elvis fan and something about Adam reminds me of Elvis in a modern way. So in trying to convince everyone I knew into liking Adam as much as I did, including my Mom and Dad, no one could deny me he was an amazing singer. 

So on my birthday a couple of years ago I received the best gift ever. It was a card my mom worked on for hours.  It had pictures of Adam all over it and leads to the idea it was from Adam himself wishing me a happy birthday. Then I opened it.  On the inside was a picture of my Mom and Dad with my mom having Adam Lamberts eyes. I loved this so much and felt my parents had embraced my obsession of Adam, but more importantly just loved me for who I am.

So back to my Boutique and me listening to Prince.  A little over a month ago I was able to experience a wonderful weekend with all of my sisters, my daughter, a niece, Nat and my Mother. We went to Salt Lake City on a girl’s only weekend or G.O.W.  Which my mother also wrote about in her blog here.  While we were there the topic of Prince and his music came up and I was saying how talented he is and to my surprise my Mom said,  “I really like his music and Purple Rain is one of the best songs ever.”

So as I sat on my fabulous chair in my Boutique with the music Purple Rain playing softly in the background, I couldn’t help but to smile and cry and feel my Mother close to me just because of a simple song that reminds me of her and how wonderful and loving she is. 

It is my wish and my prayer that you all have a song as “special” as Purple Rain and cherish those times with those you love.

I love you Mom!