Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ALWAYS worth it ...

Marlene Terry
It's a rude awakening when November suddenly arrives.
The 1st this year was on a Friday. That day I rested a little from our Halloween fun and began putting away all those things that were black, orange, and spooky.

There's something a little sad about putting away decorations.
... You know it's true.
Because every wonderful and/or memorable happening that occurred during that particular time will surface as you wrap up and store away those festive objects. 
... It will also cause you at times, to laugh, cry and even vow to do better the next year.

Even though it was late in coming, I decided to go all out again this year. 
My efforts have been getting less and less for most holidays as I've aged and pooh-poohed away the thought that it's all the work you do that makes or breaks those wonderful days.

"The less I put out... the less I'll have to put away," was my mindset.

So we breezed through Halloween and Thanksgiving a year ago without anything except a Jack-o-lantern outside the front door to herald the time of the year.
... It was also really easy just to turn the pumpkin around, hiding the carved face and add a gourd and a dried cornstalk to be ready to celebrate the upcoming November holiday.

... Smart and pretty clever, some told me!

It was just a few weeks ago, already half way into October, that I had decided I might as well follow suit.
"We don't need to carve pumpkins or put out decorations," I thought. "It's just too much work, and there's not enough time left anyway."

Then my little grandson paid me a visit.
Wide-eyed with excitement, he could hardly wait to present me with a little wooden Jack-o-lantern he'd made with his Mommy's help.
"It's just for you Nana," he said sighing and wiping his little hand across his forehead ... "It was hard!"

Then he rattled on, telling me he'd made another for a sweet aunt of his.
"It has a mustache," he said.

It was also apparent that if he had his way ... he was going to make more, and give them to his preschool teacher 'Grandma Nancy, because she's really nice," Pop-Pop, his mommy and daddy, his sissy and of course, his friend, Benjamin!

That's when it hit me. A profound lesson taught by an enthusiastic little 4-year-old with wisdom beyond his years.
... The effort we put into things to make others happy, no matter how difficult it is, who we are or where we are in our lives ...  is ALWAYS worth it.

... After days of keeping it out, I'm finally wrapping up that little aforementioned Jack-o-lantern for storage. ... And yep! I'm crying as we speak!

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