Sunday, November 17, 2013


There are some things in life that you can count on like...  the sun will come up tomorrow, the hours in the day go waaay too fast (sometimes), no matter how much you eat on Thanksgiving you will still be hungry the next day, and there will be surprises.  For me, and many others like me, a surprise or gift I was given was a wonderful mom.

I always thought that the word Mom was far too small of a word for a person that fulfills soooo much.    From the first day she held me in her arms she loved me, kissed my ouchies, changed my stinky pants, and cheered me on in all my endeavors.

Our sweet Marlene Terry passed quietly away last night to return to her Father in Heaven and to all those that loved her so dearly!  As one of Marlene's greatest fans and daughter,  I intend to keep her memories alive and continue her legacy of love by keeping this blog going.  For you see, Mom was never a procrastinator--- she already has at least half dozen or more stories scheduled to be posted.

If your life was touched by my mom, send me your stories at I will post them here at her blog!

Thank you God for a wonderful gift in my life...