Friday, November 1, 2013

An hour or two ... please! ...

Marlene Terry
There are times in your life that are so special you wish they'd last forever. And when they're over and just a memory, then you wish with all your heart that you could go back, even for just an hour or two, and experience it all again.

It never fails that something will trigger a memory and suddenly with your eyes closed, and in your mind ... you're there! 

Thought about just that recently. 
Take for instance that winter day at our country home up on a beautiful hill in eastern Idaho. The kids, all still kids back then, had gone outside.
I looked out the window to the front lawn. And there they were, all safe and sound  and dressed for warmth, as a snowstorm moved in and added to the white piles already there.
Huge, fluffy, white flakes, falling gently to the ground made building a snowman the thing to do. And the sound of them laughing and having that sound linger in the crisp air.

Another time when I was a kid.

Sitting with my dad in the living room on Sunday, watching our brand new black and white TV together and eating peanuts.
The program? "Omnibus," I think it was called ... with Dave Garroway.
... Can't remember liking that program at all. But I loved listening to Dad comment so intelligently about whatever the subject was, and seeing him comfortable and dozing in his chair.

Watching my mom pin up the laundry or bake a pie. She was always beautiful in a dress and apron and wearing high heels. 
And when she baked, she'd always save the leftover dough for us kids. Rolling it out in strips, she'd place it in a separate baking dish, cover it with cinnamon and sugar and smile and wink at us when she placed it in the oven. 

Ice skating in the park with weak ankles while wearing even WORSE skates. The music that played in the background, and cozying up to the little stove inside the ice shack to get warm. 
Hot chocolate that felt good all the way down to my stomach. 
... And me and my little sis hiding under the covers in our bedroom on Christmas Eve, talking and laughing and unable to sleep.

... Yep. An hour or two would be just great!

Today's best quote: “Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” — L.M. Montgomery

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