Thursday, October 31, 2013

A very, very, happy Halloween ...

Marlene Terry
Well it's here ... Halloween, the first big celebration of the holiday season.

I really wanted to write about something special today. Something haunting, scary and memorable and in sync with the time of the year.
However, every time I think back of favorite Halloween memories, it's those years our family made and ran our very own spook alley that come to mind.

We lived way out in the country. And the thought of sending our children out into the dark with others we didn't know that well wasn't that comforting. So we decided to make our own fun.

... And believe me when I say, fun is an understatement, what with every child performing their own special part with vigor. And of course, there was a mishap or two.

... Like the night that our son, Mike .... well, suffice it to say Mike was usually our "Mummy."
It was his job to suddenly appear from the trees along the driveway, moaning and stiff-legged, while he drug his ancient bandages along with him through the dirt and motioned to the quaking, scared-to-death kids to follow him in order to receive their treats.

Wrapped in about two miles of cotton strips ... realism was important to us ... the job wasn't as easy as it sounds.
The mummy had trouble seeing at times with just a thin slit available to look through. He also couldn't scratch his nose with his heavily bandaged fingers, and a shift in a wrapping or two below the waist, made his walking a lot more stiff-legged than usual.

It was one, cold, misty Halloween night when Mike (the mummy) with a large group of trick-or-treaters in tow, approached the porch, and proceeded to open the CR-EEEE-AKING door for entrance into our Inner Sanctum.

The doorknob rattled a bit, and we, the spooks, vampires, witches and monsters, waited inside with bated breathe. ... Nothing happened.
Another rattle and the sound of commotion. ... And was that laughter coming from outside on the porch?
... The door was still shut tight.

Everything became very quiet as we waited and wondered why the mummy was taking so long to do his thing and open the  door so WE COULD DO OURS!

... And then ... 'DING DONG," the doorbell rang.

... Pretty hard to place terror into the hearts of little trick-or-treaters along with their parents and/or escorts who at that time were laughing so hard they could hardly breath.

... And the mummy?

...  He went skulking off into the bushes, where he removed a bandage or two from his door-opening hand!

... Hope everyone has that kind of Halloween this year ... very, very, happy indeed!

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