Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hollow Weenie ...

Marlene Terry
Getting close to All Hallows Eve, Halloween, or as a friend's little girl recently said it was,"Hollow Weenie."

The name came, her mother said from her daughter's first experience with Cheetos Puffs. You know. Those orange (as in the color not the taste), light and puffed up, cheese flavored snack treats.
Someone had passed out mini bags as Trick-or-Treats last year. And because the Cheetos were of the same shape as wieners, and also seemingly filled with nothing much but air, or were "hollow," ... well you can see why the name stuck.

During that same conversation Ellie also told me what her Jack-o-lantern will look like this year and told me plenty about her big brothers' plans, as well.

"They," she said speaking of her brothers' intended creations, "are MONSTERS." She emphasized that last word in a low husky tone along with some pretty scary facial contortions.
"Mine," she continued as she reverted back to her sweet angel face, "is a kitty!
... Ahh!

Now Jack-o-lanterns are something I can really relate too. As I told you before, we're planning a pumpkin-carving party of our own. It's this weekend as a matter of fact. 
Our kids who live nearby, grandchildren, neighbors and friends are all invited. 
Especially fun this year, will be the participation of two of our 'out of town' sons who are planning to be here. 

... Contrary to what they might tell you, the adults in our bunch, secretly look forward to pumpkin carving as much or more than the little ones. ... What with the smell of freshly baked cornbread and chili greeting them, spooky sounds reverberating through the house and especially the garage. It's the place that for one night each year, becomes a misty, candle-flickering, carving, (say the next word like Vincent Price) LA-BOR-A-TORY! (Evil laugh follows)!

Just recently I happened on some really great and easy design ideas for carved pumpkins in one of my favorite magazines, Woman's Day (womansday.com). And I can't resist sharing a few.

...But if you stop by my home on Oct. 31 and notice a very familiar looking clever "mummy" Jack-o-lantern peering out from under the bushes? ... I promise. ... The design REALLY IS all mine! 
... RIGHT!

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