Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just plain wonderful ...

Marlene Terry
Just a few days ago we all returned home from our, first in five years, "Girls Only Weekend."
We planned it for months, the get-together that included me, my daughters, one adopted daughter, as in we all claim her as ours, and two granddaughters.

Traveling from our homes scattered throughout the Northwest, we finally met up in two carloads at Tremonton, Utah, and proceeded on together to Salt Lake City — our destination.

And I just have to say ... the weekend was just plain wonderful, as we reminisced, caught up and giggled our way through a plethora of activities that included "Frightmares" with tons of very convincing zombies at the Lagoon Amusement Park, impromptu meals and snacks, shopping, getting turned around on the freeway more than once, and some pretty hilarious happenings at a "Witches Night Out" celebration.

Not a scary or sinister event at all, that last one included a "cackling contest" with two of my girls participating.
They were BOTH great in their attempts. So great in fact, that at the end I rated them No. 1 and No. 2 of the entire bunch. ... But trust me. I'm never, ever going to say which one I thought took the top spot.

It was also refreshing to watch as hundreds of other, dressed to the nines, "mom witches" along with their daughters, granddaughters and even a few generational groups with great-grandbaby witches in tow, arrived happy and anxious just to enjoy some time together. ... All of them behaving in uncharacteristic ways ... for witches, that is.

Take the expressions of love, for instance. It seemed imperative to the older of the groups, that the younger bunch not only have fun, but were praised, watched over, and received enough hugs to make them feel warm and happy. And that gesture was given back  in kind.
... Come to think of it , that's pretty much what was happening to us too!

Yep. There's no doubt about it. The sights and sounds of this past weekend will be a favorite memory for all of us, and a reason that down the road aways, we're going to feel the need to do it again!

You know, experience another one of those times ... when you finally give in and loosen the ties you have to the world, let go of pride, forget petty differences, look deeply into the eyes of those you've loved for a lifetime ... and remember why.

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