Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's the thought that counts ... sometimes ...

Marlene Terry
Never, never do anything when you’re too tired or busy to make sure it’s done right.
Those are the times when absolutely nothing you try turns out the way it’s supposed to, and the phrase “It’s the thought that counts,” ends up being sort of a slap in the face to the recipient of your efforts.

Everyone knows that the thought really only counts, when those you serve can tell that something very sweet was intended, that much effort went into the project  and … this is the most important part … the results are at least RECOGNIZABLE!

That’s when comments like “I love that you tried so hard,” and “It isn’t that bad,” really are sincere. And you can be sure that what you tried to do, although not perfect, is acceptable and prized.

There's also another phrase that bears repeating. “Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed!” And  that’s  exactly where I should have stayed instead of trying to produce one of my usually, very good banana cream pies for a friend of mine who’d been ailing.

My schedule had been so hectic during the week I couldn’t find the time to get to the hospital to see her. So when I heard that she was coming home, I was determined to make up for my absence.

... And although it'd been a while since I’d produced the pie that I used to be semi-famous for, I was sure it would be just like riding a bike.
…You know. Get back up on it, everything you used to know will come back in an instant and off you go. … Right?

Things really did start out normally. I crushed the Graham Crackers, added the butter and sugar and popped the crust into the oven to bake. ... And the fact that because some of the crumbs fell out through the hole in the bag, making the crust a little small, wasn’t that big of a deal.
However, the fact that I left it baking in the oven a tad too long … OK. It was over an hour too long ... was a big deal. 

... "It's going to be a bit crunchy," I thought looking at the well-done results.
"No matter though. The filling will cover it up." 
I’m not going to bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that my recipe, when the ingredients are mixed at a fast speed and long enough, produces the most lovely, fluffy, delicious-tasting vanilla filling ever. Then all that’s left to do is add the cut-up bananas, place it in the crust and cover the whole thing with as much sweetened whipped cream as possible.

… And it would have happened just that way had the towel I carefully placed over the top of my mixer, in order to keep the filling from flipping out onto the walls, windows, cabinets and floor of my kitchen, stayed in place as it should have.

... I swear I only turned my back for an instant. But is was after midnight before I could unwind the towel that had somehow found its way inside, around and stuck within the loops of the mixer's whisk attachment. ... Plus the time it took to scrub off the filling from the walls ... windows ... cabinets ... etc., etc.

... Maybe someday I’ll take the time necessary and make that pie for my friend again ... Or ... on second thought … maybe not!

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