Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's your favorite recipe? ...

Marlene Terry
Hoping to see some of those wonderful Jack-o-lantern photos of yours, and hearing the stories that go along with them.
Or do you have some pumpkin carving tips we'd all be better off knowing about?
I personally would like to know an easy, clean way of taking the insides out of the pumpkin. That stuff is so slimy and icky, there are times I'd just rather not bother.
Send your photos, stories, tips and ideas to, so we can share them with everyone.

... Thanks to Betty who did send me a link ( to look at for ideas for Jack-o-lanterns.
... It's fabulous by the way. And I especially love the one that's upchucking! (See photo). 

... Come to think of it, that's a great idea for removing the insides of a pumpkin just part of the way at least. 
... It's also reminiscent of how I feel the day AFTER Halloween. ... I can never seem to control the urge to pig out on those Trick-or-Treat treats ... especially those tiny Almond Joy candy bars. ... BARF, BARF, BARF!

My point is, it really doesn't matter what age we are. This time of the year is fun ... if we make it that way.

Remember the smell of burning leaves? ... It was a favorite part of fall for me during my growing up years. And then there are those special comfort foods that begin to appear about now and last through the winter. 
... We'd also like to feature your favorite cool weather recipes along with the stories of where they came from and why they're your favorites.

Did your mom make a special treat that you'll never forget? What recipes were handed down from extended family members?  ... Those that are still part of every holiday feast. 

It never fails, whenever I think of favorite family recipes, that my mother's aebleskivers (tiny Danish pancakes) and especially her pickled beets come to mind
Actually the beets were a tradition in my family and my sisters' families for years. And there's a funny story about how none of us could ever hold on to that recipe. I'll share her recipe and the other details along with YOURS ... that is if you'll send them to me.

One last note: I did receive one photo with no explanation of any kind for a really fun ... and easy Halloween treat. 
For each one, you'll need a Tootsie Pop, black pipe cleaners and glue-on googly eyes.
I guess there was no explanation included because it 's obvious how that friendly Black Widow Spider (pictured) was created. ... All of it by ambitious treater (as in the one who hands out candy to the kids on Halloween) who really wanted to add "the look of delight" to the faces of those little ghosts and goblins who'll soon come knocking at our doors.

♦ Hope you'll let me share YOUR stories and photos here at my residence "In a Nutshell." Email me at