Friday, January 3, 2014

A Heart FULL of Mary Hazlett

"Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses."
-Aphonse Karr

True the last couple of months have been a very difficult time for our family and friends... and I have to say the most wonderful of times too.  We all have been blessed with hugs, calls, letters, and flowers of people who love, people who care, and people that are just AWESOME!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,  Verl and all the children, for your kindness.  You have created a SOFT LANDING for each of us.  Today, as promised, I am posting some tidbits of emails received that I just wanted to share back with you... THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

"I always told your  Mom she was the dessert to just be with her." Connie

"I absolutely loved her column Front Porch.  She published many of my photos over the years and even though I never met her she made me feel like a friend and called me friend in the column."  Merilie

"We read her column (Ida Chatter) and visited some of the places she mentioned. We liked learning about "history" from her and her readers and if possible, driving out to check on the building or area. It was fun to send in "a notice", like my mom's hole in one, birthdays, etc.  And the picture contests were so much, and it was so great to look at all those pictures. I could go on and on, but will close for now. Sending you our 'warmest thoughts'." Sandy and John 

"She was so delightful.  She was gracious enough tp print many of my stories and pictures. Marlene will sorely be missed. She was such a "breath" of fresh air...with her great humor. Also a great voice of reason in this unsettling world.  Rest in peace....dear LADY."  Larry

"Marlene, your spirit lives on in the many lives you have touched over the years and the words you have penned. You will not be forgotten. It was an honor to have gotten to know you and to be called your friend."  Doug

"When my children were all at home still, I sent in birthday wishes for each of them one year.  They were so excited to see their name in the newspaper. And Marlene/Ida said such kind things about them and acknowledged their special day. Her column always brought sunshine to my day!"  Sherie

"Marlene and I always knew we were sisters in a former life.  When we met almost ten years ago, there was an instant connection. She understood me and was my friend, my mentor, and a shining example of what a strong, capable woman can accomplish. She didn’t take herself too seriously, and while being a good, kind, Christian woman, she had just enough irreverence to be a whole lot of fun!  She is the best storyteller I know; when we were together she would encourage me to talk, but I always wanted to hear what she had to say! She could make the most mundane thing into an exciting adventure."  Lisa

"Just a note of deep appreciation for the years we pleasure every morning of birds, babies, beautiful skies, and the goodness of life."  Carolyn 

"She had such a cup half full outlook on life and I was drawn to it. From that night on, I lit up every time I saw a new In A Nutshell post on Facebook and they never disappointed.
Again, I didn't know your mom and never met her, but the world lost something special when God took her to heaven. I'm sure you've heard a lot of I'm sorry's, but I think a "I'm glad you had such an incredible mom that shared herself with us" is more appropriate in my case. Thank you for continuing her posts."  Sally 

" I have worked next door to the Press-Tribune at Walgreens for almost 4 years. I got to wait on "Ida"/Marlene on several occasions. She was always very warm, gracious and friendly to me."  Evelyn

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