Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fashion Faux Gina Waite

As I've recently been "livin' on a prayer" and revisiting the 80's through movies, I couldn't help but think back of all the various fashion trends of the decades I've lived in.  I was seven when we rang in the year 1980 and I distinctly remember thinking I was rockin' the Napolen Dynamite inspired side ponytail I fixed myself!  At the time I think I was also sporting some type of favorite gaucho-styled pants that I sincerely hope I laundered more than I'm remembering I did! Out of respect for those who could describe the 70's fashion a little better, I will save that for another day...Today I'm going to be reliving the flashy fashion and faux pas of the 1980's!

I loved this video...this is the Pepsi New Generation's commercial in 1984...smack dab in the middle of the 80's!  This video is the  quintessential "Moonwalk" back in time to the Michael Jackson inpired jackets and peg-legged pants that we ALL aspired to wear!  Notice how those pants, pegged and folded up calf-high, gave the illusion of a flood pant!  ...All that with WHITE socks to boot...I suppose we really wanted to draw attention to our pegged pants, but ONLY if we weren't wearing leg warmers!  Watching this video, I can't help looking at the Jackson clan's jackets and think fondly of those iconic BIG shoulder pads!  

...And what about those 80's belts?  We had really skinny belts, we had really wide belts and we loved them so much sometimes we wore two at once!  Did you notice the double belts on the boy playing the younger Michael in this video?  I remember thinking how cool the two belts at once trend was...and now, I'm just concerned whether I could make it to the bathroom in time!   Before we leave the topic of this iconic commercial...I can't help but point out the sweet ride at 1:16 and just for emphasis again at 1:21...I truly remember riding in one of those cars and sitting in the VERY back seat facing the car driving behind us!  I think it was fashioned that way as a sort of built-in TIME OUT seat...brilliant 80's move! 

Last but certainly not least, I can't leave the topic of 80's fashion and not bring up the sweaters and dancewear!   Those same sweaters are now at thrift shops everywhere being purchased and repurposed for "Ugly Sweater" Contests and Parties!  I remember admiring Bill Cosby wearing them on "The Cosby Show!"  How about the aerobics craze of the early 1980s?  Thanks to Olivia Newton John and her headbands we all watched the classic leotard move from gym wear to the dance floor to everyday wear...even stirrup pants were inspired by the form-fitting look of tights!   Then there was a little show called, "Flashdance" and everyone started adjusting their t-shirts with scissors and a little tug of the fabric...and Voila...80's Couture!

Yep... good times!  The 80's were full of the flashy, bright and BIG!   You may not have enjoyed those years...but I did!  My son tells me I'm reliving them everyday when I do my hair...Stay Tuned for another post on "The 80's Hair"...It needs it's own Nutshell!