Monday, January 6, 2014 Mary Hazlett

Okay, okay!  So this is usually the time of the year that I say...BRING on the SUN and the FLOWERS,  because I am so over this winter thing.  But in lieu of my new year resolutions, the one on enjoying the moment I am in right now one,  I enjoyed the snow last thursday.

Why is it as an adult we just don't love that cold white stuff that inevitably falls at some point in the winter months?  For me it has to be... the preparation for the adventure.  You know on Christmas Story when Randy walks out the front door saying, "I can't put my arms down".  This is what I do to my know to avoid frost bite!

It seems that by the time I am done dressing the second child for the snow day the first one has to go to the bathroom and then the whole dressing things starts all over again... so then I venture outside... too tired to dress myself properly... with my really attractive yoga pants ( the stay-at-home mom kind), tennis shoes, a knit sweater and maybe some gloves.  Needless to say, by the time fifteen minutes pass I am wet, frozen, and ready to retreat back to my house for warmth and rest.

Not thursday though!  I got suited up with boots, hat and all and went for it!  I shoveled a "mountain", as Benson put it, of snow for us to sled on...which was really a small...very small mound of snow.  Swung on our swing set and slid down the slide... into a tree I might add... all with a smile on my face.

At one point in my enjoyment I hit exhaustion...the good kind that you just lay there and laugh and smile and think life is so great.  It reminded me of a time when I was a child sledding.  I had run up and down the hill  that we lived on at least a dozen times... which really was huge...think California driveway in Idaho snow... and I did one last run.  WHOOOSH! Of course it was dark by then, and I just laid on my sled at the bottom of the hill with a smile on my face.  The snow was gently falling and I believe it was the very first time I really heard snow fall... fascinating, majestic, and amazing.

Life was great then...and how lucky I am to have captured that same purpose of life again on thursday with my son and a small mound of snow.  I won't mention that some of my snow shoveling did end up over a flower garden... not looking for the bulb sprouts...YET!