Monday, January 27, 2014

Fairy Mary Hazlett

We all remember the tale of Cinderella.  The poor orphaned child that was left to wait, hand and foot, on her evil step mother and two step sisters.  And then, a wondrous invitation arrives inviting all the eligible girls of the household to a ball.  Yes, this was going to be Cinderella's chance to one up her evil, sneaky step sisters.  But of course, the mother and two sisters end up foiling Cinderella's chance to go to the ball and what was a girl to do... cry...and pray for a miracle.   This miracle does show up in the face of a bubbly fairy godmother that takes this disheveled girl and turns her into a beautiful princess fit for a ball!

Now, I think every girl deserves a fairy godmother.  How would I define a fairy godmother?  Well, someone that performs a miracle against all odds for someone that could not do it for themselves.

 If you have seen the various stories of Cinderella, you know the fairy godmother takes many different shapes from that of a roundish cheery faced women in a blue dress to a hairy old man named Leonardo Da Vinci.  I, for instance, have also shared in many different forms of having a fairy godmother... like my darling mother, who sewed all night long for me to have my Snow White costume...and my very manly husband, who let me get a few hours of beauty sleep after being up with a baby all night...and my sweet sister who coddled and guided me into womanhood.

We, I am speaking of girls, remember those awkward awful years of growing from a little girl into a woman (where your body just does not fit those clothes anymore, where those large round red things start popping up on your face and the over-the-shoulder-boulder holder is not just a backpack anymore).  These years are when my sister, Gina, took the wheel.  She taught me things like, "You have two eyebrows... control-top pantyhose is a girl's best friend... no such thing as too much support... pencils are not just for paper... eyeliner is a must... you probably should shower more than once a week... do NOT sit indian style in a dress".

Gina took me and made me her project. Not because I asked her to, but because she loved me and I really think deep down she knew how much I idealized her perfection.  I remember evenings of her taking the time to meticulously manicure each nail.  I marveled at her attention to detail and her talent of turning anything she touched into beauty! (Which her attention to detail will have to be addressed in a future blog...seriously this girl is ridiculous!)  I am so grateful to my "Joined in January" sister that she did my hair for proms, showed me how to do my makeup, let me dress up in her beautiful dresses, wear her stylish clothes to school, taught me the importance of detail in dressing, and most of all...cheered me in all my accomplishments.

Beautiful Wonderful Gina, Happy Birthday and thank you for being my fairy godmother at a time that I so very much needed it and... What do I do with these black hairs on my chin?

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