Monday, January 20, 2014

My Fifteen Minute Mary Hazlett

So, keeping with my New Year's resolutions, I have been exercising.  With two young children, this can be kind of tricky.  I have several exercise dvds that are the pack it in work outs that do it in 25 minutes.  So, when I saw the new Jillian Michaels kickboxing in 20 minutes, I was ecstatic.  In real time that means only 15 minutes if you skip the cool down and some of the chatting... Yes, I can do this!

With my previous workouts, I have struggled to actually workout like the instructor tells me too due to all the interruptions that happen with having two children.  But with only 15 minutes how many disruptions can I have... This is how it went with day one of my 15 minute workout...a diaper change, a booger attack, a small disagreement, and a "Mommy, I am done going potty.  Time to wipe".  Not to mention my son and daughter tackling me while I do the abdominal section... I don't remember the instructor telling me to get a 70 pound weight and put it on my chest. 

So, I maybe got 8 minutes out of the 15 minute workout done.  I tried desperately the rest of the day to make up for the lost workout minutes by pushing my son on a toy tractor in the snow, running up and down the stairs racing my son, and doing some lunges while watching a children's television show with my kids.  My 15 minute workout ended up taking me the whole day to finish...

I wore myself out... and I get to do it again. Tomorrow!  I almost agree with a shirt saying I once saw,  "I would run to lose weight...but why punish my feet for something my mouth did".  As I pulled the covers over me that evening I repeated to myself over and over again, "It is not the finish that is the journey". And so it is with life...Enjoy today, right now, who you are, and who you are with!  

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