Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The 80's Gina Waite

I guess I must have subconsciously decided life was NOT eventful enough!  Recently, after a quick visit to spend time with my Dad in Boise, I dislocated my knee-cap ( I did it is of little consequence or logic) breaking a bone spur off in the process!  After a brief visit with a remarkable surgeon, my days of couch sitting and movie watching were about to be realized.  Within the week, I was under anesthesia and the knife then back to my house, and recliner, for recovery.  Recovery is not something that's easy for me...I HATE sitting down doing nothing...seriously hate it!  I'm supposing it's because I never witnessed my Mom and Dad practicing the art of  it and it seems like such a wasted activity in what could be a very productive day!  After looking around at cobwebs, paint in desperate need of touching-up and lots and lots of dust bunnies...this old girl decided it was time to take my mind off a house well-lived in and engage myself in an activity I rarely have time to do, but LOVE!  I went to the MOVIES on my couch... not just any movies...the dominant decade of the 1980's!

This was a time, my Mom could get all of us into the movies for less than $50.  That may not seem shocking until I mention there were TEN of us!  Like my younger brother Ryan mentioned in an earlier Nutshell post, my Mom was a Beacon to the Box Office and we were always willing to follow her LIGHT!  I sat on my couch reminiscing about my Mom and family, all while watching these great 80's flicks, realizing the 1980's rocked more than music...these movies were RADICAL (going to be using time-appropriate slang so fasten your seat belts Dudes and Dudettes!)

Go back with me if you will (unless you're too young to remember the 80's and then I may seriously have to analyze our friendship) ....I'm sure you ALL  remember the intensity of the unforgettable opening scene in  "Raiders of the Lost Ark!"  I put myself in Indy's shoes as I cringed and squirmed as he dropped into the dark, snake-filled room containing "The Ark!"  This movie was like TOTALLY awesome!

I realized two things after viewing E.T: #1-Why I was so insistent on getting a bike with a basket (you never know when you'll need to transport an Extra Terrestrial) and #2-why my cravings for Reese's Pieces increased while watching how perfectly they paved an enticing path.  This movie was totally TUBULAR!

I  remember standing in line, for what seemed like an eternity, to get in to see the anticipated ending of the Star Wars saga in the "Return of the Jedi." My little sister, Mary, added special tension-relief as she sang showtunes to the masses that waited in line with retrospect, her performance may have added a heightened quickness to Theater's staff getting our family into the building...Good Job Mary!  I remember the relief I felt at knowing that Luke and Leia were brother and sister not romantically inclined because let's face it...we all liked Han Solo better (can't wait to get the responses from this comment!)  This movie was GNARLY!

After watching "Back to the Future"  I remember seriously wanting a DeLorean, and a date with Michael J. Fox,  and the urge for both increased each of the ten times we saw that movie!  This movie's plot was HEAVY!

As the 80's marched on so did my age and I feel in love with the sappy, big-haired romances found in "Sixteen Candles," "Pretty in Pink," and "Say Anything!"  I have to admit, "Say Anything" was my personal favorite!  I loved the quirky romance between the gorgeous genius, Diane Court and the average, kickboxing romantic, Lloyd Dobler.  I swear this movie must have helped Radio Shack sales in 1989...what with the small personal tape recorder Lloyd carries around in his pocket to catalog his feelings coupled with the bigger-than-Lloyd ghetto blaster he used to play the emotionally-charged "In your Eyes!"   For his time, Lloyd was a technological enthusiast...I have to admit, I always wondered how tired the actor's arms must have been holding that huge thing above his head while standing outside Diane's window in an attempt to win her back!  I know he won me with it...who can forget that scene!  This last week was so fun sitting there remembering, watching, my injured leg elevated, wrapped and packed with ice, whilst crying and hoping (with Lloyd) that all would be well and things would work out in the end...and they did...boy got girl!   This movie was BAD (remember, this is the 80's talk so "Bad" means good!)

So if it's been awhile since you've dusted those movies off, choose one that's not  GRODY TO THE MAX and whether they be VHS or DVD (if you don't own or know what a VHS is, see the previously mentioned status of our friendship) dust them off, pop them in and ENJOY...the 80's did NOT disappoint AAAAAAND..........."THAT'S A WRAP!"