Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sisters and Forever Friends in Alania Cook (sister of Marlene)

When I recall memories of my wonderful sister Marlene, I remember first our childhood.  We were brought up in  a little pioneer home in Logan, Utah.  We played and played and had many adventures and were involved in many little childhood pranks.  We shared dreams and were the best of friends.  When I was three years old, I had been exposed to the polio virus and contracted a very severe case which  left me paralyzed from the neck down and unable to walk.  At that point, Marlene became a little mother to me and looked after me because she was a wonderful sister and wanted to help our dear mother, Hattie.  Anyone who met Marlene knew what a big heart she had...she was so loving and caring!

As time progressed I was able to walk on my own but Marlene never failed to be at my side and offer her constant support and friendship.  She would skip things she liked to do or time spent with friends, just so she could be there as a support to me.  On one such occasion, Marlene and I were up to our usual mischievous adventures which included disobeying our mother's request to stay away from the river and the wicked "water woman" who lived under the bridge.  We so DESPERATELY wanted to go down to a bird sanctuary to share a package of Twinkies which was guessed it...directly by the river!

We immediately made a plan to make way to the sanctuary by a route that would not offend the "water woman."  The only problem...the route required climbing down a steep embankment which was not a task, with my physical limitations from the polio virus, I was able to accomplish on my own.  I told Marlene I would not be able to climb down and without hesitating she said, "Don't worry Sis...I'll carry you down!"  So that's exactly what she did...she strapped me on her back and climbed down the embankment, past the water woman and directly to the bird sanctuary to share a package of Twinkies.  After this experience we made many trips down to "Twinkieville" to enjoy Twinkies, time together and marveling at all the beauties of God's nature!

As we grew older, Marlene and I got married and moved away from each other.  We both endured trials and raised our families but the love we shared as children was never lost regardless of the miles between us.  Marlene IS a wonderful person, sister and best friend a girl could EVER have!  I will miss her smile, supportive concern and love!  I look forward to the time we will see each other again and share a twinkie down by the river in Twinkieville!

Love you Min!  Thank you for being such a wonderful sister!