Friday, January 17, 2014 Mary Hazlett

Perfect for a Friday to talk about laughter.  It is a contagious condition that immediately makes your life and burdens feel lighter.  I was reading on the internet about what laughter does for your health. 

1.  Lowers stress levels.  ( I get this one!)
2.  Lowers blood sugar levels.  (Not sure I get this one...maybe it is the exercise of laughing.)
3.  Creates a connection when you laugh with someone.  (Sure...)

So, as I continued to read, it also stated that the best marriages have a lot of laughter!  That explains itself. Doesn't it?  I mean really two people coming together with completely different upbringings, experiences, and traditions trying to work it out and raise a family.  You are going to need a lot of laughter.

Take for instance, my darling son.  He is my sunshine and also my solar flare and sometimes with just seconds in between. I decided it was time for Benson to have his very own Christmas tree.  (This was last year and he was 3 years old.)  So, we went to a very popular shopping center, in which I have said out loud before,  "Oh, I will never have one of those kids", this is referring to the children that are spinning circles on the floor screaming and crying all at the very same time.  This was going to be  fun and a memory that we would all remember...


Benson carefully picked out his tree and a few ornaments to fit his style. (Trucks, cars, robots, and sports equipment.) Yes, it was going to be a perfect little tree for my little angelic guy.  On the way to  check out,  Benson noticed a fantastic singing Santa.  (This would be the pivotal part of the story.) Benson was so highly amused by the singing Santa and asking me for it that I decided, as any good parent would do, to give him the option of the tree or the Santa...  BAD IDEA!

He was crying and stomping his feet as I stood there waiting for an answer.  It just continued to get worse from there as I tried to explain why he could not have both...."ROAR" was his answer with his fingers in the shape of claws ready to shred anything in his way.  So, I lovingly put both the tree and the Santa back as my child continued to scream with tears rolling down his cheeks.

I placed him in the cart where he proceeded to growl and scratch at everything and everyone that we passed.  I started to get looks from people...the same kind of looks I gave people with my kind of child.  GREAT,  I had one of THOSE kids.  I knew I needed out and I needed it fast.  Soon we reached the parking lot, but not before Benson threw a shoe off, jumped out of the cart, and nearly dumped my little girl out of her car seat.  

With the kids and I strapped into the car,  I began to laugh.  The best kind of laugh where you almost cannot breathe laugh.  I nearly laughed the whole way home and that I night I recalled the experience with my husband and you bet we laughed...Still one of our favorite stories to recount.  

Of course, since it is on the internet it is fact, I was happy to see that laughter lowers blood sugar... because I ate two bags of Snickers after that shopping experience!  I sure hope that I made you laugh and reduced your STRESS today.  After all... it is FRIDAY!