Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cloudy with a Chance of Sun/Wind/Sleet/Rain/ Gina Waite

How would I describe Spring in Idaho...hmmm, it's like all the seasons rolled up into one and spit back out at you in two months!   Often times, Idahoans will start out in the morning wearing winter gear and by the afternoon you're down to shorts (50 degrees is short-wearin' weather round here!)  The opposite is also can start out the morning with the intent to go power rake the lawn and by the early's snowing!   These weather patterns make it ALL the MORE enjoyable to attend spring sporting events!

Soccer and baseball are a favorite of our family but as a parent, I always know that I need to bring Arctic wear, possible sunscreen and please don't forget that umbrella!  My daughter, pictured here, was attending one of her brother's MANY spring soccer events and while it started out around 50 degrees, by halftime we were pulling out the Winter Wear faster than you can say, "Bob's your Uncle!"

As you can see in the picture...the grass is greening up and the sky is blue...the two constants of Spring we witnessed that day!  Spring in Idaho reminds me of the term "organized chaos!"  We need moisture in the spring and it comes in so many varieties: snow, hail, sleet and rain are all versions of moisture I've witnessed in my 41 years of living in Idaho! It's almost as if the heavens are getting rid of what's left in the clouds to make room for what's to come.

So many needful  things occur during the spring AND all those weather patterns are crammed into a couple of months (yep that's all of spring we get in these parts!) Those needful things bring about some amazingly beautiful spring days filled with blossoms on the tree's and the smell of sweet lilac filling the air! I can almost smell it now as I visualize it!  Oh and the color...the color that resurrects under the last little piles of snow...priceless to behold!  Cezanne once said that, "we live in a rainbow of chaos!"  I say, "well put Monsiuer, you must have had the chance to visit Idaho!"

So no matter where you are while reading this little blog...Idaho becomes alive in the spring!  It's when people return out of doors to soak in some of those bursts of Vitamin D from the sun!  Then sit back and relax, knowing that even though we are experiencing "organized chaos"...Mother Nature is preparing the way for the best yet to come...cuz summer in Idaho is the absolute BEST!