Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Mary Hazlett

Do you feel it?  I have got it....Spring Fever!  This is when you get the uncontrollable urge to clean, prune, dig, sweep, organize, dejunk, and make things sparkle.  I saw the first bulbs in bloom just two days ago and it seems that Mother Nature is following suit since we are planning to have 70 degrees on Sunday.

Have you ever seen that TLC show called Clean Sweep?  I love this show! (Sadly enough it is no longer on.)

But this is a show that gives me tingles only because I love to organize so very much.  So, it always starts with a horribly overpacked, disorganized, and disgusting home...not as bad as the Hoarders show...I cannot watch that show it makes me ill.  So, the hosts of the show go in to the home and assess the damage and create a plan of action.  Then, they create three areas to organize the house contents: 1. keep 2. garbage 3. sell.

Inevitably there is some kind of dispute that the home owners have with the host about saving something that is obviously trash, but the host always wins and the owners fess up that it was a good idea.  There is a long day of selling their accumulated stuff at a Yard Sale.  Which then the money that was earned at the sale is added to the budget of organizing their home.  

It is amazing all the cubbies, drawers, shelves, and organizing solutions they come up with... and then there is the cleaning and the painting.  By the end of the episode the house is immaculate and wonderfully organized.  Although my bum has not moved the entire episode, I get a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  

I also have this book called Clutter's Last Stand.  It is written by the cleaning guru Don Aslett.  It really is a kick in the pants kind of a book.  I laughed, sighed, and thought a lot when I read this book.  One of the quotes from the book is, " Junk stifles us and robs us of freedom because it requires so much of our time to tend".   So, I believe this phenomenon called SPRING FEVER is a great thing for us to rejuvenate our homes, minds and spirits.

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