Friday, March 28, 2014

Wind Mary Hazlett

As I have been working outside getting things ready at the home for spring, summer, and an addition...I have had the opportunity to move things around.  One of those things was my mother's wind chimes.   She loved those little things.  Hang them from a tree or the house or just about anywhere the wind will catch it and VIOLA... music.  One is kind of miserable sounding, like banging pots and pans together and the other one is quite melodic and lovely.  

One thing my mother and her mother had in common was the love of wind chimes.  I remember sitting in the backyard of my grandmother's home and listening to the tink tink sound they made.  I sit here smiling thinking about the cool breeze running over my face as I would listen to the sounds that resound in my memory bank.  

Funny thing to bring in Curious George to a blog about wind chimes, but I have to admit I have quite an affinity for Curious George both for the fact that it keeps my son's attention and it is quite quippy and fun to watch for myself.  One of my favorite Curious George episodes is the Wind Symphony. So, you are probably putting the ends together and can now see the reason why I would reference a children's show.   Now, I could not figure out how to start the episode at the end for my favorite part.... so if you are in a hurry forward the episode to 9 minutes and 20 seconds... or if you enjoy George like I do and might have some kids to watch then watch the whole thing... Definitely a fun 11 minutes of entertainment!

Come to find out, I love wind chimes too.  (Except on wind stormy nights and the dang chimes are outside my window...thus that is why they got moved to the other side of the house!)  I bought one more wind chime to add to the collection.  Small tubes with a
froggy atop it that when it blows it sounds like raindrops and reminds me a wonderful warm days with two of the most magnificent women in the world... Mom and Grandma.  

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