Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hide, Seek and Gina Waite

When I came across this meme the other day, I couldn't help but laugh!  First and foremost because Sasquatch is sitting in a yoga-esque position.  Secondly, because the idea of the him intentionally playing hide and seek with anyone is so witty; Lastly...because hide, seek and Sasquatch have all played a role in what seemed to be a very REAL happening in my life!  ..Please tell me you've also been prey to the inner workings of your mind?

My Dad opted to take us camping into the heavily forested woods...altogether as one BIG happy family!  And it was so fun but at some point on every one of those occasions, the realization that the environment and timing would be a PERFECT scenario for Sasquatch to reveal himself, would hit me and I basically would just freak myself out!  These self-induced mind games would usually happen to me in the dark of night, all while hearing the cracking and popping of the fire and strange unknown sounds not-so-far-off in the distance!

It was one of said excursions that while we were sitting around the campfire, telling stories of the Big Guy himself,  I swore I saw Sasquatch ...hiding in the trees, not too far from where we were sitting.  I was afraid if I told someone of his existence, HE would come, grab me from the tent and do whatever Sasquatch's do to their prey!  As you can imagine...when most of my siblings thought it would be fun to go on a Sasquatch hunt...I graciously declined hoping the BIG GUY would spare me if I kept his secret!

As I had NOT told anyone of what I had seen...coupled with the complexities of my mind that magnified EVERY sound I heard that can IMAGINE what my heart did when my Dad, being the good-natured, likes-to scare-the-crap-out-of-you-type, came up behind our tent and started pounding on the roof as loud and as fast as he could!  ....I was so scared at the thought of Sasquatch attacking my tent to get me, I reenacted the projectile vomit scene from "The Exorcist" and ended up saturating my sleeping bag and NOT sleeping the rest of the night!

After that FUN excursion, here's what I know...My Mom loved the stories of  Sasquatch and never ratted him out!  Since my vomit-inspired vacation,  I pled the fifth and let him have his anonymity too!  As for my amazingly fun and spontaneous Dad, I'm certain he realized he should never scare me like that again!  Two things that remain never to be seen after that camping trip: Sasquatch, and the sleeping bag I was in that night!