Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Unsung Hero...by Jim Terry

  noun \ˈhir-(ˌ)ō\
: a person who is determined to do great things and is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities
: a person who is greatly admired
: the chief character in a story, play, movie, etc.

How many of us have ever had a hero?  I remember being a young boy and having several heroes in my life.  It started with the likes of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker and then evolved, as I aged, to figures in sports like Joe Montana and Steve Young.  Of course most of us know the persons or characters I just mentioned as with most “heroes”, but I want to introduce you to and tell you a story about an “unsung” hero in my life. 

Where do I start with the sketch of this person?  It all began 51 years ago today… She was born as the oldest child to a young Mother and Father just starting their life as a family with hopes and dreams destined for greatness!  

Like most young girls, her interests consisted of dolls and toys, which eventually evolved and changed into liking make-up, fashion and music. The photos in the collage today definitely emphasize the importance of music in her life.  She can be seen in one photo with two guitars--one electric, one not—and in the other photo can be seen with her cool boom box and bright pink comb making sure she was still looking good as she sang.   With a lot of determination, voice lessons and practice, her voice blossomed into something that was so appealing to listen to and would always touch the heart to anyone within the sound of her voice.

As this person grew, it was also evident that she had skills as a caretaker and as an adult figure for her younger siblings.   Her Mother, while running her own errands, would leave her in charge time and time again with strict instructions to “make sure the kids get their chores done.”  …“Yes” there were times that she, my hero, had to take on an adult role and chase the younger kids around with a wooden spoon in order to get their chores done, but in the end the younger kids always knew she loved them by all of her other acts of kindness.  ;0)

There always comes a time in our lives where we finally “grow up”, move out and start living on our own. Kind of a scary time as a young adult for all of us but I saw my hero grasp this opportunity and embraced it as a way to grow, learn and become a better person. 

As a young married woman at the time, and moving three and a half hours south of her hometown, she knew it was time to grow further whether she wanted to or not. See she had to become the “bread winner” due to circumstances in her relationship at the time and “times were tough.”    With little to no money and needing a couch to make their apartment feel more like a home, she turned to the newspaper for help in finding just the right couch.  Finally she found “the one” that she thought would work.  …The only problem…it was over 10 blocks away. 

Their vehicle at the time was a used, sometimes barely running, light blue Opal…hardly the vehicle to transport a couch let alone 2 people.   So what do you do?  Your determination to make your life a better place with a simple piece of furniture makes and allows you to carry a couch, with a little bit of help from a teen brother, over ten city blocks in downtown Salt Lake City, up hill grades and up two flights of stairs on a 96 degree day.

Determination has also pushed this person into being the best Mother I have ever seen.   She has raised an amazing daughter who, like her Mother, is determined. Determination has also made this person the best professional I have seen in her chosen profession…and determination has made this person the best friend, sister, daughter and Mother imaginable to all those who are a part of her life.   A hero’s qualities do not END with determination either…Kindness, charity, sincerity, hope and love also embrace her character.

Ah “YES”…My UNSUNG HERO!  …The one that is GREAT in the eyes of a few but not known to all. How many of us have people like this in our lives that we can “admire” or who are OUR “chief character in a story” or in our life?  To me that would be “ADT”!  Most people may think of  a company that provides home security to help give us piece of mind when I say "ADT", but to me "ADT" stands for Angela Dee Terry…my security…my piece of mind…my friend…my sister and definitely my UNSUNG HERO.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANG!  We ALL love you!