Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Mary Hazlett

"Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" said Benjamin Franklin.  I wonder if Benjamin Franklin knew how much havoc he would introduce by suggesting the idea of changing your clocks...Did you forget to change your clock this weekend?  This was the weekend, that as a kid, that I would look forward to.  It was lighter later and it seemed that warmer weather was on its way.  Funny how something as small as changing the clock can cause such controversy.  Sure enough I like it to be lighter longer, but losing an hour in my life is not anything I need any help with.  On this weekend as the time change happens, the people of the world join the "I love it" group, "I hate it" group... or Arizona and Hawaii group.

Reasons that we might love or hate day light savings time are...

1. More light in the awake hours = more time for outdoor activities....biking, hiking, gardening, playing in the park, jogging..etc.

2.  Maybe your children get up at 5:30 already...not mine of course... mine get up a little before 5:00.  So, it makes it feel okay that the clock reads 6:30 instead.  (Of course this is only for 2 days until they adjust too.)

3.  Late night sunsets.

4.  Inconsistency throughout the year. Maybe you just got on a good routine and now you have to change you can change it again in 8 months.

5.  The dark morning time... harder to get up.

6.  Insomnia for nearly a week....can't go to sleep, can't wake up....YAAAAAAWNNN!

Whether you are part of the "lovers", "haters", or the Arizona/Hawaii group... this weekend is a rite of passage for spring.  I have seen blossoms starting to appear and a slight tinge of green on the trees.  Step outside for just a moment and breath in the air, you can feel it too....spring is on our doorstep and so is the yard work.

Here is to a Happy Monday and a hope that you caught the shift in time yesterday so you can be on time today....Heavens knows we don't need one more thing to mess up a monday!

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