Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Putting the "Nut" in Gina Waite

Please say that there are others of my kind that quickly, and almost instinctively, can spot the issue in this M&M...Meme! Okay...for those of you who do not attention to the Robin Egg Blue M&M section...if you still don't see it, I'm not sure we can be friends!  Just looking at this M&M's container reminds me that I need to organize my closet again...what????  You still don't understand, well I guess I'll have to take you with me on a little journey down memory lane!

I remember the first time I recognized I had a special association with colors.  I think I was about eight years old and I had a tremendous desire, while cleaning my closet, to organize all my clothes by color.   When I had completed the task at hand, I realized that the only thing I needed....was validation from the Queen of Clean!  I quickly scoured the house to look for my Mom and whisked her away to my room so she could marvel at my madness!  She immediately commented about the cleanliness of my closet and then further validated how lovely it was that I had organized everything by color and sleeve length.  ....And the sweaters, they were folded as well or better than those done with a "FlipFold"...ahem...if you don't know what a FlipFold is...well, it's time you's great for letting the kids have fun while folding the laundry and your edges are crisp and clean!

Where did I get this love of all things organized and may ask?  As my sister Angie mentioned in her blog post entitled, "Fifty and Other "F" Words" my Mom once wrote a story in which she clearly stated that her worst nightmare would be to pass away and be ETERNALLY encased in a glass coffee table only to look up and see water rings left from beverage cups and fingermarks that could never be cleaned...All I can say is...."Like Mother, like daughter!"  So if you are one of those who may stay up tonight because that darn Green M&M is STILL mixed in with the Robin Blue M&M's...I have one thought that may help you to Obsess about something else:  If "OCD" represents those who are in need of all things organized and in a specific order...wouldn't it have made more sense to put the acronym in alphabetical say..."CDO"????  If you'd like to share any of your "CDO" stories...please email us at'll be AWAKE...Heaven's knows I'm not sleeping after that REVELATION!