Friday, March 21, 2014

Lucky Mary Hazlett

This past week was the ever favorite, for kids that is... St. Patrick's Day.  
My son enjoyed every minute of that day.  As you can see here he came 
home from preschool with this St. Patty's hat and beard.
 ( I just love his teacher!)  He spent half the day pinching my bum because 
my green sticker had fallen off and the other half of the day he went around 
singing his new found St. Patty's song.  I enjoy his energy...most days!  

St. Patrick's day is extra special though for those of us that believe in luck.  I have had my fair share of lucky charms, not the cereal, in my life.  As a child, it was my favorite stuffed cat that I named Figaro (after Pinocchio's makers cat). When I was in high school it was a favorite pair of socks for a performance- piano, play, drama...etc.  In college, I loved my scriptures and a ring.  The night before a big test or times I was really stressed out, I would read my scriptures and put them under my pillow hoping for Divine help the next day.  The ring I wore constantly was a gift from my mother.  A ring with a garnet in it for my birthstone.  

I was amazed by the comfort that was brought to me by my lucky charms through my life.  My son and daughter I think are my little lucky charms these days.  My son loves to tell me to, "Get your jog bra on Mom, so we can exercise".  My daughter smothers me with snuggles and kisses everyday. Everyday I am given encouragement, a lift, light, and a purpose because of these two little guys.  

Thank goodness it is Friday!  Here is hoping you have the same luck I do in your life!!  Happy Weekend Everyone!!

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