Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You Got Potential, Kid! Gina Waite

Stop and think with me for a second....remember the time when you felt you had the potential to do absolutely anything!  The fearless ideal that no matter what would attain the goals you had aspired to achieve!  In thinking this way...I love to reminisce over all the different careers and hobbies I felt like I would be so capable at...tell me you've had a similar experience?  I'm sure you can remember your first thoughts of your unrealized potential!

Perhaps some of you wanted to be Astronauts, Celebrities or World-Renowned Archaeologists!  I know for a time, I truly wanted to be a News Anchor and report the news...that was years after I was ten, at which time I truly wanted to join the Circus to fly with the trapeze artists (certainly glad the Circus thing never panned out!)  That being said, I realize, circumstances and understanding help us to change our minds...but often times, we allow fear to creep in and thwart us from what it is we really want or would like to be!  Fear is fact, in all reality, the "only thing we  have to fear, is fear itself!" (F.D.R.-Inaugural address)

Some of the BEST success stories have come from people who faced the greatest odds, had reason to fear and still succeeded!  Just think of some of the greats...Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs...and last but not least...Thomas Edison!  When Thomas Edison was asked about all the failed attempts at creating an incandescent bulb he said, "I haven't failed.  I just found 10,000 ways that won't work!"  Thank you Mr. Edison...I'll be remembering that the next time I burn my dinner and my family complains!

So to all of you who have taken time out of your busy schedules to read this little post today...visualize what it is you've been wanting....then....WHY NOT make the Jump...take the leap...and do what it is you've been wanting to do...I know I'm planning to!  ...And with that vitamin D shot in the bottom...please email us with the details of your success stories ( we'd be happy to share them and applaud you for taking that leap!