Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Come with Grandma"...by Marlene Terry

I watched a lady old and bent,
With the twinkle of youth in her eye,
A little child held onto her hand,
And in passing, I heard her sigh.

“Come with Grandma,” she turned to wait,
A sadness was crossing her face
And memories were hers of long ago,
A young woman…a bride in white lace.

For a while she stood reflecting her mood,
Remembering a sweetheart so dear
The moments of tenderness, that she too had shared,
Her children, her home—now a tear.

A wrinkled hand brushed at her cheek,
And quickly she glanced around
To see if anyone had intruded her thought,
Of days gone by---ah! No sound.

She straightened her shoulders,
And reached in her bag--a mirror to see all was right,
How could this crumbling person be her?
Wasn’t she sixteen just last night?

Where has her life gone--Her soul still young,
In haste the world moving away,
The years turn to minutes as days press on,
Her childhood seems just yesterday.

Babies she held so close in her arms,
A man loved so noble and true,
Then to be left with nothing at all,
But then…”What can anyone do?”

She rises and glances ahead now,
And knowingly looks above,
“It will all be worth it,” she whispers alone.
“I’ve had everything…but most of all love.”

And now I see, age is not the end,
Our life is just a small part,
A step necessary to continue on,
The things closest to our hearts.

Our Bodies fade and leave this world,
And what we’ve had we hold,
A blessing not of worldly good
But eternal wealth unfolds.

We will spend again the time of youth,
With a loved ones gone before,
A spirit new and free from age
Who could want for anything more?

My eye distracted caught again
A glimpse of a woman and child
Wasn’t there now more bounce in her step?
More happiness—regrets so mild.

Her back more straightened,
She leans to kiss the baby, who toddles along,
“Come with Grandma,” she says with a smile,
A pause, and then—they walk on.